Dr Richard Parkinson neurosurgeonDr Parkinson is a highly qualified neurosurgeon with extensive experience in neurosurgery. He has studied under, and worked with leading neurosurgeons in the USA performing ground breaking surgeries. He has a particular interest in sports injuries and regularly spends time in Darwin helping indigenous people in remote areas.

He is also involved in developing educational tools for both surgeons and patients.

Education and Experience

Dr Richard Parkinson is a Fellowship trained spinal and neurointerventional neurosurgeon. He completed his training in neurosurgery in Sydney then continued his training in the US.

He has US fellowships from the prestigious Northwestern Memorial Hospital in Chicago, completed under the guidance of the internationally recognised luminary neurosurgeons Professor Richard Fessler and Professor Hunt Batjer.

USA accredited fellowships are prized and respected in the Australian medical community due to their rarity and the training and exam passes (for US registration) required to even be considered for them.

Dr Parkinson is the first neurosurgeon in Australia to be trained in Neurointervention, including:

  • percutaneous spinal approaches
  • same day microdiscectomies
  • brain aneurysm treatments

He routinely performs Percutaneous Spinal Fusion surgery and has one of Australia’s largest series.

Special Interest Areas

Indigenous Groups

Dr Parkinson holds a monthly Outpatient Clinic at Royal Darwin Hospital, bringing people who require advanced neurosurgical care to Sydney for surgery.

Spinal Cord Stem Cell Transplantation

Dr Parkinson assisted Professor Rick Fessler in the second ever direct spinal cord stem cell transplant which was performed at Northwestern Memorial Hospital in 2011.

spine cord stem cell transplant neurosurgeon