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Whiplash injury

Should you go to the doctor after having a whiplash injury? While car safety has improved significantly over the years, whiplash injury can still be a problem for people involved in even minor car accidents. Today, the wide use of seatbelts has reduced the incidence of whiplash injuries. And newer cars that feature an impact… Continue Reading

The success of lockout laws

It’s been a few years since I first wrote about one-punch attacks. The laws designed to address the problem seem to have been a great success. It has been more than two years since I last raised the issue—more sociological than neurological—of one-punch attacks, the so-called ‘king hit’. It’s a social problem in which I… Continue Reading

The latest in minimally invasive spinal surgery

Advances in some minimally invasive surgeries are leading to more effective spinal treatments and less back pain. When it comes to managing pain and assessing the role of new procedures, there is a lot to consider. My job is the surgical relief of pain. It’s also the correction of deformity, the maintenance of spinal health… Continue Reading

Six tips to prevent back pain

Back pain is one of life’s most debilitating ailments, but here are six healthy back tips to ensure a bad back never gets the better of you. Anyone who’s had issues with their back knows just how debilitating back pain can be. But while most people only seek treatment once their back already has them… Continue Reading

When to get help for back pain

When should you consult a spinal surgeon rather than a chiropractor or physiotherapist for your back pain? I’m often asked what is the point at which someone with chronic back pain needs to take treatment out of the hands of chiropractors, osteopaths or physios and be referred for spinal surgery. It’s a crucial point in… Continue Reading

How Nathan Peats’ neck surgeon got him back on the field

Learn how Sydney neurosurgeon Dr Richard Parkinson used his special interest in NRL back/head injuries to successfully operated on Parramatta Eels player Nathan Peats. I was responsible for treating NRL player Nathan Peats, hooker for the Parramatta Eels, when he broke his neck in August 2015. NRL back/head injuries aren’t uncommon, but this one was… Continue Reading