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Latest back pain treatments

Want to know the latest back pain treatments? When it comes to new treatment for back pain, I’m happy to report that there are some exciting developments. This ranges from a burgeoning understanding in the exercise industry about the importance of core strength through to high-tech advances, such as stem cell injections. All of this… Continue Reading

Stress and back pain

Stress and back pain Up to 90 per cent of Australians experience back pain at some time according to the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare. Although there may be numerous underlying causes, many people anecdotally report that stress often triggers their back pain.   How stress hurts your back Stress and anxiety are bad… Continue Reading

Sydney spine surgeon, Dr Richard Parkinson provides 10 tips for improving your memory

Dr Richard Parkinson is a highly trained neurosurgeon who has performed ground breaking and complex surgery on some of Australia’s elite sportspeople. In this article, he provides some useful tips for improving your memory now and down the track. Sleep, nutrition, and training are just three examples of ways to increase your memory. For more… Continue Reading

Kids and contact sports

How to keep kids safe when playing contact sports As parents and as a society, we have no greater responsibility than ensuring our children are kept safe. But while there are no guarantees when they undertake contact sports for kids, there are things we can do to lessen the likelihood of them receiving some type… Continue Reading

Leading Sydney neurosurgeon, Dr Parkinson shares his thoughts on how to ensure your child is safe while playing contact sports

Sydney’s leading Neurosurgeon, Dr Richard Parkinson interviews with Living Well magazine about the importance of protecting your kids spine and brain health while they play sport. Dr Richard ParkinsonDr Parkinson is a highly qualified neurosurgeon with extensive experience in neurosurgery. He has studied under, and worked with leading neurosurgeons in the USA performing ground breaking… Continue Reading

Leading Sydney neurosurgeon, Dr Parkinson reveals concussion testing’s future

Leading Sydney neurosurgeon, Dr Parkinson discusses the introduction of new technologies which take away the human error elements putting the long-term health of the athletes at risk. These technologies have the ability to identify head knocks that require head injury assessments. For more insight into Dr Parkinson’s opinions about these technologies, read the full article… Continue Reading

Back specialist, Dr Richard Parkinson sheds light on how to dodge back pain at work

Leading Sydney back specialist, Dr Parkinson is recognised as a leading expert in sports injuries and is a respected specialist at the forefront of neurosurgical science and development, and he’s got some tips to share regarding dodging back pain at work. Read the full article here. Dr Richard ParkinsonDr Parkinson is a highly qualified neurosurgeon… Continue Reading

Common spine injuries

Common spine injuries and spine safety awareness As Spinal Cord Injuries Australia (SPIA) prepares to celebrate its 50th anniversary on 4 September this year, it seems appropriate to reflect on how important it is to raise awareness of spine safety among young Australians, and to drive home the value of respect, inclusion, and access for… Continue Reading