Common spine injuries

Common spine injuries and spine safety awareness As Spinal Cord Injuries Australia (SPIA) prepares to celebrate its 50th anniversary on 4 September this year, it seems appropriate to reflect on how important it is to raise awareness of spine safety among young Australians, and to drive home the value of respect, inclusion, and access for… Continue Reading

Whiplash injury

Should you go to the doctor after having a whiplash injury? While car safety has improved significantly over the years, whiplash injury can still be a problem for people involved in even minor car accidents. Today, the wide use of seatbelts has reduced the incidence of whiplash injuries. And newer cars that feature an impact… Continue Reading

Leading Sydney back surgeon Dr Richard Parkinson discusses car accidents and the associated whiplash

With so many people on the roads during the holidays, the chance of being involved in a car accident is higher than usual. Leading neurosurgeon, Dr Richard Parkinson explains the physical trauma associated with car accidents such as whiplash and advises on the appropriate action to take post-crash. Continue Reading

Leading Sydney neurosurgeon, Dr Richard Parkinson explains the best exercises to maintain back health in pregnancy.

Leading Sydney neurosurgeon, Dr Richard Parkinson explains the benefits of performing basic and safe exercises during pregnancy. The exercises outlined help support the body as it goes through weight fluctuations, posture changes as the centre of gravity shifts and hormone changes. These exercises shouldn’t be performed at high intensity, but rather regularly to remain healthy… Continue Reading

Leading Sydney spinal surgeon, Dr Richard Parkinson discusses back pain management and avoidance at work

Leading Sydney spinal surgeon, Dr Richard Parkinson details some of the primary reasons for back-related stress at work. He states that “as most of us spend a large proportion of our time in an office environment, getting up and moving around is the first line of defence in preventing back pain.” For more tips and… Continue Reading

Dr Parkinson, Sydney’s leading neurosurgeon sheds light on the basics for preventing back pain

Leading Sydney neurosurgeon, Dr Parkinson in an interview with Today Extra on Channel 9, explains the primary activities that cause back pain and outlines some of the simple steps we can follow to prevent it. For those who already have back pain, Dr Parkinson provides some tips that help minimise the pain, from appropriate medications… Continue Reading

Back specialist, Dr Parkinson gives advice for easing and avoiding back pain during pregnancy

Leading back specialist, Dr Richard Parkinson explains the best exercises to do throughout your pregnancy. He outlines an array of practical exercises that provide relief from current pain and also strengthen fundamental areas, preparing the body for the added weight and tension as the pregnancy develops. In addition, he creates an exercise schedule and places… Continue Reading