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The Need for Creativity

The Need for Creativity

Dr Parkinson, who is well known for his pioneering work in spinal cord injury management, was recently asked for comment on the importance of creativity. Here’s the article: Creativity is needed in all disciplines. Asked how important creativity is to his work, Sydney neurosurgeon Richard Parkinson answers, “It’s everything. It’s how I solve problems.” We’re sitting in… Continue Reading

The success of lockout laws

It’s been a few years since I first wrote about one-punch attacks. The laws designed to address the problem seem to have been a great success. It has been more than two years since I last raised the issue—more sociological than neurological—of one-punch attacks, the so-called ‘king hit’. It’s a social problem in which I… Continue Reading

How Nathan Peats’ neck surgeon got him back on the field

Learn how Sydney neurosurgeon Dr Richard Parkinson used his special interest in NRL back/head injuries to successfully operated on Parramatta Eels player Nathan Peats. I was responsible for treating NRL player Nathan Peats, hooker for the Parramatta Eels, when he broke his neck in August 2015. NRL back/head injuries aren’t uncommon, but this one was… Continue Reading

Recovering from spinal fusion surgery

The right surgeon will help you get back on your feet after spinal fusion surgery The technology behind spinal fusion surgery has come along way. Fortunately, so too has the recovery process from this procedure. Previously, many patients have been hesitant to undergo spinal surgery because they were worried about the invasive nature of such… Continue Reading

Do I need surgery?

There are quite a few steps between realizing you have back pain, and needing surgery. Sydney spine surgeon Dr Richard Parkinson walks you through the options. Some spinal conditions will require surgery, but many won’t. And it’s a good idea to know what we’re thinking about when we talk about whether ort not you need… Continue Reading

Whiplash injuries

Remember when people with whiplash used to walk around in a neck collar? Dr Richard Parkinson explains why you don’t see that so much anymore, and how assumptions about back injury recovery have changed. Many years ago, you used to see people walking around with thick neck-collars on as part of their treatment for whiplash.… Continue Reading

Relieving nerve pain

There are a number of options available before you have to contemplate spinal surgery. Dr Richard Parkinson runs through what those options are. There are conditions that surgery won’t help and obviously that’s got to be your first discriminant. The relief of pain usually involves a relief of the compressed nerve that’s causing pain, but… Continue Reading

An average visit

Sydney neurosurgeon Dr Richard Parkinson talks about what people are worried about when they’re visiting the spine specialist. A visit to a neurosurgeon can be intimidating for anyone. It’s not something you do everyday. If you’re concerned about your spinal health, or you have a back injury or nerve damage and think you may need… Continue Reading