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Common spine injuries

Common spine injuries and spine safety awareness As Spinal Cord Injuries Australia (SPIA) prepares to celebrate its 50th anniversary on 4 September this year, it seems appropriate to reflect on how important it is to raise awareness of spine safety among young Australians, and to drive home the value of respect, inclusion, and access for… Continue Reading

Whiplash injury

Should you go to the doctor after having a whiplash injury? While car safety has improved significantly over the years, whiplash injury can still be a problem for people involved in even minor car accidents. Today, the wide use of seatbelts has reduced the incidence of whiplash injuries. And newer cars that feature an impact… Continue Reading

Do I need surgery?

There are quite a few steps between realizing you have back pain, and needing surgery. Sydney spine surgeon Dr Richard Parkinson walks you through the options. Some spinal conditions will require surgery, but many won’t. And it’s a good idea to know what we’re thinking about when we talk about whether ort not you need… Continue Reading

Whiplash injuries

Remember when people with whiplash used to walk around in a neck collar? Dr Richard Parkinson explains why you don’t see that so much anymore, and how assumptions about back injury recovery have changed. Many years ago, you used to see people walking around with thick neck-collars on as part of their treatment for whiplash.… Continue Reading

Dr Richard Parkinson to perform surgery on NRL player Nathan Peats

Dr Richard Parkinson will undergo delicate surgery on Nathan Peat’s C6 vertebra following a broken neck sustained in the Parramatta Eels versus the Sydney Roosters recently. The operation will include the insertion of a plate and a bone graft of his vertebrae. Read the full article from here   Dr Richard ParkinsonDr Parkinson is… Continue Reading