Post-Op Information

This information is provided as a guide only – your personal post-operative experience may vary from the one described below. Dr Parkinson will go through your procedure with you in detail and will discuss pre- and post-operative expectations. If you have a persisting, severe problem always refer back to Dr Parkinson’s office.

General Post-Op Information

  • After your procedure, you will spend about an hour in the recovery room before being taken to your ward bed.
  • Expect to spend four or five nights in hospital.
  • Generally, patients are able to get out of bed on the day of surgery.
  • A physiotherapist will provide instructions on general activities and exercises for most patients.
  • Avoid bending, lifting, twisting and sudden movements and don’t lift anything heavier than a milk carton for two weeks.
  • Most people resume normal activities after three weeks.
  • Walking is the only exercise permitted for the first six weeks.
  • We recommend patients do not drive for 2 weeks following surgery, although individual cases will vary and this will be discussed with Dr Parkinson.

Wound Care

  • The wound is usually closed using dissolving sutures and should not be soaked under water for the first week after surgery. Patients usually shower with a dressing and change it for a dry one afterwards. The wound should not be soaked uncovered for the first three weeks.
  • Patients should expect some pain relating to the incision after the operations and in most cases this only requires medication for a few days after which is should settle to an ache. This can be treated with mild analgesics.
  • Where there has been pre-operative pain or numbness, patients may experience twinges of similar pain or pins and needles after the operation, settling over time.
  • If the pain returns and is severe, or if pins and needles don’t settle, patients should contact the office. Similarly, any problems with the wound should be reported to our offices.