Pre-Op Information

Detailed below are the pre-op information and procedures for surgery with Dr Parkinson:

  • Depending on the surgery you are having, you will be required to arrive at the hospital the night before or at least 6 hours before your surgery.
  • Dr Parkinson will discuss your specific situation with you, but in most cases you will be required to fast for 8 hours before surgery.
  • You will need to make arrangements for someone to collect you when you are discharged as you will not be allowed to drive yourself.
  • You will be advised when to stop any medications that may increase your bleeding risk (eg aspirin).
  • Wear loose fitting, comfortable clothing and leave any jewellery at home.
  • Before the procedure your skin will be cleaned and you will be given a general health check.
  • An intra-venous line will be placed into a vein in your arm to administer fluid and medications.
  • You may be given a sedative to make you drowsy before your anaesthetic.
  • You will be given a general anaesthetic to put you to sleep.
  • Let Dr Parkinson know if you develop a fever, cold or flu symptoms before your scheduled operation.